A 100 Year Love Affair With Cars

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It all started in 1910 when my Great Grandfather Echols opened his first radiator shop in Ft. Worth, Texas. Back then, cutting edge technology was nothing more than making sure the water in your radiator was full. How things have changed.

In 1948, we moved to Houston and at the age of 15, I started working in my Dad's shop sweeping, cleaning, doing deliveries and learning repair. It wasn't long before i began doing outside sales and today, after an intense apprenticeship working my way through every department in the business, the shop is mine. Automobile restoration is in my blood.

This love affair with cars and automobile restoration has now spanned over 100 years and 5 generations of the Hart family. Like most of you, who consider fun and relaxation a day under the hood of an old car, we caught the disease from our Fathers and Grandfathers, and havn't found a cure yet.

Experience & Knowledge We Pass On To You

It's highly likely that if you walk into another radiator shop anywhere in the Houston area and see an old car being restored, chances are the radiator was sent to us for the repair. Why? We simply know what to do without destroying the product.

The utter enjoyment of what we do and many years of testing and improving our products and methods, have given us an advanced knowledge and perspective on automobile restoration and protection that very few have. We are willing to pass it on to you.

A Product Line Derived From Necessity

Over the years we have seen it all. Customers crying out for products and services that could solve their automotive restoration and protection problems. The line of products you see on this website have been accumulated through decades of seeking and trying almost everything the industry has to offer. What you see here is the best.

Only The Very Best

If it's not the best, it's not worth doing. If you get it from Don Hart, you can be assured that the products, materials and workmanship you recieve will do their job as promised. Sometimes the best is a little more expensive up front, but will not let you down and will last for many, many, years to come. It's guaranteed.

Customers Driven and Responsive

You are the reason we are here. Your needs drive the direction of this business and we are quick to respond to your questions, needs, wants and desires.

If You Have A Job To Do...

...please give us a try. You'll find our friendly, professional assistance and products that get the job done to be refreshing and exactly what you've been looking for.

We Look Forward To Hearing From You!