Radiator Repair

Radiator Repair In Not A Glamorous Business

It's Hard, dirty work getting the years of baked and crusted materials off, to unclog the flow of air and coolant through your cooling system. But you might be amazed at the low cost of doing it.

If You Have An Old Vehicle...

...you may not be able to find a replacement radiator for your restoration project. Solution? we can clean and repair the old one.

Custom Built Radiators

Or- we can make a new one for you meeting the exact specifications of the original unit.

If You Have A Newer Vehicle

We also sell brand new aluminum radiators in stock sizes at great prices. Call for information on your project.

Industrial & Agriculture

Call us about your tractor, heavy equipment and industrial applications as well. We can do almost anything.

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Cars and Pickups

From the oldest antiques to new cars, we can repair your current radiator, get you a brand new aluminum radiator in stock sizes, or build a custom radiator to meet ant specifications.


Big Trucks

Big rigs and heavy equipment don't scare us. We are set up to repair the biggest problem you may have, and get you back on the road or pushin dirt fast



They're always dirty and beat up and very expensive to replace - and you can't afford to have them down very long. The difference between buying a new radiator and getting the old one repaired can save you plenty. No obligation quote to get her going again.

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