Gas Tanks

Gas Tank Repair

Gas Tank Repair

It's simply got to be done right. There is no room for error when dealing with gasoline.

But when you see what we can do, you'll be amazed. All holes and punctures are repaired and then, we coat all surfaces inside and out for a perfect tank. As good as new.


We offer a limited Lifetime Nationwide Warranty on most passenger car or light truck tanks repaired, and up to 5 years on all other tanks. Honored at any Gas Tank Renu-USA Dealership.

What Can We Fix?
We Can Repair Virtually Any Tank


Our patented repair process is an excellent way to repair virtually any tank and is completely compatible with gasoline, water (non-drinking), diesel, high octane, methanol and alcohol.

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Pickups and Cars

From the oldest antiques to new cars, we can repair your current gas tanks. From hundreds of pin holes caused by rust or gash or puncture, we can have it looking and working like new, and in many cases, for much less than a new one.


ATVs and Motorcycles

Gas tanks rebuilt with the strength and style, ready to take on that beautiful custom paint job.


Big Truck

Fuel tanks can really take a beating in these rigs. But you gotta keep them going to make a living. Let us repair that worn out tank for far less than a new one.



Boat tanks often have their own special problems with corrosion and rust. Gas Tank Renu puts them right back into service like new at a great price.
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